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Default Transmission cooler

Just curious what some of you think? I need to put a tranny cooler on my stang alot of people say that you should run it through the radiator first but I was think of just running a cooler with a fan and bypassing the radiator altogether! The B&M cooler supposedly bypasses the cooler when its cold to get the tranny to temp quicker, of course you need some heat in the tranny! What is your guys opinion? Anybody have experience with this? It will be on my daily driver with a power adder!
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I don't see no reason why you can't skip the radiator part since you have a separate fan, but obviously it's better to have it mounted in front since the air flow will be directly on the cooler....
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I've ran the lines thru the radiator then into an extermal cooler and then back to the tranny AND I have ran it just with an external cooler. The temps with just an external cooler were about the same as using the cooler in the radiator also. You don't even need to put a fan on it if you put it somewhere that it will get some airflow thru it. Let me know if you need a good cooler. I have on thats like the good B&M ones (not the cheap flimsy little ones with all the thin fins that get all screwed up), it also has threaded inlet/outlet so you can run thread on fittings instead of push-on fittings & hose clamps...

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I probably wont need a fan but It will have a little stall 2500 with no lockup and with the power adder I would definitely like the extra insurance! I have one of the b&m ones too i might just slap that one on for now and see how it works!
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Default Transmission cooler

When they replaced my tranny cooler after my accident they ran the lines straight to the cooler, before the accident it also ran through the radiator. I wonder if that would help.

I believe the temp sending unit is in the pan.

I will probably just get a big cooler and mount it in the back of my truck, kinda like the PWR Oil Cooler.
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