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Default bad oil leak and big oil pressure fluctuation

I changed my oil a week or two ago and hadn't driven the car since. I did turn it on for a few seconds after I put the oil in. Anyway, today I took it about a 1/4 mile up the road to a friends house and parked and didn't notice any problems. A couple of hours later I came out and saw a small puddle underneath the car, but thought it couldn't be my car because I hadn't seen anything underneath it in my parking spot at my apartment in the last week or two and I walk by it everyday, so I thought I would have noticed. I drove to a Subway about a mile up the road for sandwiches and when I got there I noticed a bad smell so I looked under the hood and when I opened the hood there was smoke coming out. I figured it had to be the s/c oil I spilled when I was refilling it, and it was just burning off. I checked the oil in the car just to be safe and it was still full. I was going to leave the Subway but I saw another slightly larger puddle of oil under my car so I got underneath to see if I could see anything. My drain plug was tight and the filter was tight so I checked the oil again and it was still full so I headed home. About a 1/4 of the way home I noticed the oil pressure going up and down so I was freaking out. I stayed as close to idle as I could (I don't even think that is helpful if I don't have oil, but I was freaking out and didn't really know what to do). I tried to find a curb to pull the driver side wheel up on so I could get underneath to try to see what was happening but I couldn't find any low enough so I coasted to my friends house instead of trying to make it home. I got a jack from her truck but by that time it was dark and I couldn't see much of anything so I figured I'll give it another look tomorrow after class. Does anybody have any guesses as to what the problem might be and is something in my engine most likely screwed up now? Thanks.
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